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Post edited to indicate that the car was sold.

2009 Smart Passion Cabriolet
2009 Smart Passion Cabriolet

Price: SOLD




  • 2009 ForTwo Passion Cabriolet (convertible)
  • Red body panels, Silver Tridion
  • 18,500 miles, Original owner
  • Extra clean, almost always garaged or covered parking
  • Always serviced per manufacturer schedule
  • Just completed annual service and inspection
  • Located in Austin
  • CarFax available (see photos below)
  • Mileage over life of vehicle approx 37 MPG (documented)


The following are extra features and accessories included with this car:

  • Extended warranty good till 60,000 miles or May 2015 (2 more years)
  • Aftermarket audio (receiver and speakers)
  • Cargo tray, cargo cover
  • Custom seat covers
  • Custom fit sun shades front and rear
  • Spare tire with cover and jack

Standard Features

The following are standard features for this model:

  • 5-speed manual or auto shift transmission
  • alloy wheels
  • fog lights
  • electric convertible top
  • power windows and locks
  • power mirrors
  • electric seat heaters
  • A/C with temperature control
  • Alarm
  • on dash pod gauges
  • tweeters behind dash, subwoofer under driver seat

Pricing rationale

Per average dealer retail for this car (given condition and extra low mileage) is $13,100 and average private party sale is $11,616.  I have also seen this exact car, except with much higher miles and no extras, listed at CarMax for $12000.  I have seen various prices on craigslist and autotrader ranging up to $12k depending on condition, but always with higher miles.  Based on the condition, the low miles, the extras, and the included extended warranty good for two more years, I feel that my asking price very fair.  I show the appraisal (from their web site) in the photos below.

Reason for Sale

I bought this car (new) because I needed something to drive while I converted my truck to electric.  I have been driving the truck for about 1.5 years now and the Smart Car rarely leaves the garage.  There is nothing wrong with it, and I enjoy driving it a lot, especially with the top down.  But the truck is my daily driver and I can't justify keeping an extra car that is rarely used.  I want someone else to enjoy it.


P1040019 P1040020 P1040022 P1040023 P1040024 P1040028

Aftermarket Polk Speakers
Aftermarket Polk Speakers

Kenwood Receiver, HD Radio, USB input, CD
Kenwood Receiver, HD Radio, USB input, CD

Front sun shade
Front sun shade

Cargo area, cargo tray and cover
Cargo area, cargo tray and cover

Custom seat covers
Custom seat covers

Spare tire and jack
Spare tire and jack

Edmunds online appraisal
Edmunds online appraisal

CarFax summary. Full report provided to buyer.
CarFax summary. Full report provided to buyer.

Fuelly MPG record. Full fueling history available to buyer.
Fuelly MPG record. Full fueling history available to buyer.




Posted on Mon 15 July 2013

The Smart Car was sold. It is no longer available.

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