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Updated Info Links for 2022

Moving On

Wiring Diagrams

Jump Start

Switch to O̶c̶t̶o̶p̶r̶e̶s̶s̶ Pelican

Sold my Smart Car

2009 Smart Passion Cabriolet for Sale

One year anniversary, 5000 electric miles

Range Test

How much am I spending on electricity?

Austin Mini Maker Faire Success

Austin Mini Maker Faire

Over 1500 electric miles

Commutator Photos

The Truck Comes Home!

Truck Weight

Street Legal!

Another Test Drive

Elcon Charger Wall Current

MR-2 Power Steering Pump

Real Test Drive

First Battery Charge

Charger connector

Received Batteries and Charger

First Test Drive!

Emergency Disconnect Button #1

Parts Decisions part 2

When is my order shipping?

Connector Frustration

Bed Tilt

Making the Electric Heater Core

Received Motor Controller

Building the motor frame

About videos on this site

Adapter Plate

Trouble with battery order

Making the coupler

Trouble in Battery Land

Engine Removal

Letting out the smoke, and fire

Stuff is happening

Testing the power board

Who Killed the Electric Car?

Building the controller power board

Decommissioning the Truck

Attempting to sell the engine

Parts Decisions

Still here, just haven't updated in a while

Battery Experimentation Part 2

Prototype Controller Testing Part 3

Prototype Controller Testing Part 2

Battery Experimentation Part 1

Prototype Controller Testing Part 1

EV Kart - The Test Mule

Some Preliminary Decisions

The Conversion Vehicle

In the Beginning