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UPDATE: the engine has been sold

I need to get rid of the internal combustion engine (ICE) and was hoping to get at least a little cash for it.  It is in working order and has low miles for its age.  I put a listing on craigslist and I also called several salvage yards in town.  I have had no response to my craigslist posting and none of the salvage yards would pay anything, and only two said they would take it.  And only one of those was polite about it.  I just put up an ebay auction hoping maybe that will get some attention.  We will be pulling it soon and if I can't sell it then I will just be giving it to a junkyard.

ICE in my truck




Posted on Mon 05 July 2010

did you sell the engine? my dad is interested in it if you still have it. he is out of CT. and is willing to travel please let me know



Posted on Tue 06 July 2010

Yes I sold it as mentioned in this post: . Sorry about that.

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