Engine Removal

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A few weeks ago we spent Easter weekend removing the truck engine.  We started on Friday and worked till mid-afternoon, and then worked some more on Saturday.  The following weekend I sold the engine where it will go into another pickup similar to mine.  I am happy that it can be recycled that way.

Engine removed from truck
Engine removed from truck

In the rest of this post I'll tell you about the engine removal process, but there is nothing special about it.  Nothing blew up or caught fire so don't get your hopes up.  At the end I have two videos, one of which is a time lapse which is kind of fun to watch. more ...

Attempting to sell the engine

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UPDATE: the engine has been sold

I need to get rid of the internal combustion engine (ICE) and was hoping to get at least a little cash for it.  It is in working order and has low miles for its age.  I put a listing on craigslist and I also …

more ...