I have been trying to decide what to do for a connector for the charger. Basically it became a question of J1772 or something else. I chose something else ... Here is what I just purchased:

L6-30 connector set for charging
L6-30 connector set for charging

This is an L6-30 locking inlet and mating connector. It is rated for 250V and 30A. My plan is to make a charging cable with a common lug on it, such as a 6-30 or 6-20. Then I will make up some short adapter sections that I can attach to it that will let me plug into various kind of outlets.  The inlet receptacle will be mounted where the fuel filler is, behind the little door on the side of the truck.

These are manufactured by Hubbell and I bought them from StayOnline.com.

Now, about the J1772 choice.  This definitely appears to be the new standard for public charging stations and is probably something I will need eventually.  However, the hardware for J1772 is just a ridiculous price right now.  The two pieces I show about were about $60.  The J1772 inlet and connector would be about $280, from TucsonEV which is the best price I was able to find.

TucsonEV also sells a J1772 adapter for $190 so if I get to the point of deciding I need the J1772 inlet, I could purchase one of those adapters if the connector prices have not come down some within the next year or so.


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