Update 2011-03-12

I'm not getting the Manzanita charger from EV Components.  See my notes in the Batteries or BMS pages for more information about the EV Components order.

I have not completely decided what to do about a charger now, but I am leaning heavily toward the Elcon 3kW charger.  Here is a link to one available from a particular vendor: Elcon 3kW. These seem to be pretty widely available from a number of suppliers, and you can also find them relabled as other brand names.  I think these have the following advantages over the Manzanita:

  • cost half as much for the same or more charging capacity
  • operate on either 110/220 AC input

Now, I think they also have some disadvantages.  They do not have the little knob that the Manzanita has to let you adjust the charging current.  This is useful if you need to dial back the load on a circuit.  They also seem to have some goofy built-in charging profiles that have to be set at the factory. This doesn't bother me too much except it makes me concerned if I were for some reason to change the number of cells in my pack. Now my charger has the wrong charging set points.

(Original Post)

I didn't spend much time researching chargers, as indicated by the lack of notes here. I decided to trust the recommendation from EV Components since I was already ordering my batteries and BMS from them. They recommended the Manzanita PFC20 so that is now part of my battery order. I don't know yet if this will be an on-board or off-board charger. I will wait and see how big it is and whether it can fit in the truck.