I have been spending time designing the wiring harness and am at the point where I need to choose some connectors.  For the circuits that are carrying any current, I think I am going to use Anderson Powerpole connectors.  I like these because they are sort of like lego blocks for connectors.  I also like the fact that it is simple selection process, it is clear what you need and what you need to order to get working connectors.  I like this site (powerwerx.com) for the Anderson connectors.

But when it comes to connectors for signal wires, I find that there is a bewildering array of choices.

If you go to Mouser or Digi-Key there are thousands of choices.  Even when you start using their filtering system to try to narrow down your choices there is still a huge number.  Then, once you select something, you have to figure out which kind of contacts you need, and there are usually multiple choices for those as well.  Then, figuring out the mating half ...

I'm sure this is no big deal for people who deal with wiring routinely.  They probably have a set of favorite connectors and know from experience exactly which pieces need to be ordered to make both halves of a complete connector assembly.  Someone from Austin EV mailing list recently recommended to me the FCI Apex 150 connectors which are available from Mouser (except with long lead time).

But what I really wish is that some EV parts suppliers would stock a selection of connectors that are good for this application.  It could be limited to a few choices, and be a kit that includes both halves and all the pieces, contacts, hoods, etc that are needed to complete the connector.  And it wouldn't hurt to include as a purchase option any tools needed to work with the connector (like crimpers).  They all seem to carry the Anderson connectors, but I don't really find any who carry other connectors.

I do want to mention that I found that EV-propulsion is close.  They have a kit with multiple low voltage connectors and also include a crimping tool if you want to buy it.  But they only have a little picture and a vague description of what you are getting so I think this is not quite good enough.  I would like to know what kind of connectors these are, either by a nice high resolution photo of the kit, or even better by stating the kinds of connectors that are included in the kit.




Posted on Fri 15 April 2011

If you haven’t already, you may want to try molex connectors… go to molexkits.com. There’s a bunch… like mini-fit, multi splash proof, mx150, sabre, and standard connectors that may fit the bill. The mx150 are ‘on-engine’ automotive connectors you may already have on the mazda.



Posted on Sat 23 April 2011

That looks like a great site Tom. Thanks very much for the pointer!

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