Update 2011-03-12

My progress on the home built controller is way too slow.  I really would like to do this but now I am making all decisions as a buy vs build in favor of "buy" so that I can get my vehicle on the road.

So I purchased a Curtis 1231C.  In the realm of what I could spend on a controller, it is not too expensive.  And I figure that if I get tired of it, I can order a better controller and resell this one on ebay.

After I ordered it though, I discovered that there is a Soliton Junior for about $2000.  I had been seeing the Solitons on all the supplier sites and I just did not want that expensive or powerful a controller.  However I was not aware there was a less powerful version.  So now I sort of wish I had ordered the Soliton Jr instead of the Curtis. I was also very interested in the Skykromotive but I could never get any information about when this would be available, and email inquiries went ignored.

Perhaps one of these two will be an upgrade from the Curtis in a year or so if I don't get my own controller going.


We decided to try to make our own controller inspired by the DIY controller listed in the notes below.  See the controller category for relevant posts.

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Curtis 1231C

  • 96-144V
  • 500A (375A@5min, 225A@1hr)
  • does not appear to have computer interface
  • company site

Synkromotive DC Motor Controller

  • 24-156V
  • 20kHz
  • peak 700A, 400A continuous, 500A@2min
  • built-in contactor
  • internal fan
  • programmable
  • computer interface specs available??
  • company site

LogiSystems WarPCore Controller

  • various: 120-144V/156V, 550/750/1000A
  • does not appear programmable
  • company site is empty, available from various suppliers

DIY Open-source Controller

  • 0-144V
  • 15.6 kHz
  • peak >700A (?)
  • serial interface to microcontroller
  • safety/protection features
  • separate controller and power electronics modules
  • kit/boards available
  • site