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I was reviewing video and photos that I had not yet posted, I realized that I had not made a post about the first test drive of the truck.  Yes that's right, we drove the truck already.

First test drive after motor installation
First test drive after motor installation

This dates back to August of 2010.  Once we finished building the frame for the motor, and got the motor and transmission all bolted together and installed in the truck, we wanted to see if it would go under electric power.

It was quite a hack.  Since I did not have a motor controller or battery pack, we had to come up with some way to power the truck.  Well, the Kart has a 48V battery pack and motor controller, so ...  We put the Kart in the bed of the truck and ran some cables from the Kart controller to the truck electric motor.

Well it worked.  We were able to briefly drive the truck up and down this country road.  It was at night and we used a lead and chase vehicle to make sure I didn't encounter other traffic (there was none).  We went almost a mile and got almost to 30 MPH.

Here is a video of the test drive.


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