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This weekend I got the truck inspected for a safety inspection (there is no emissions test).  This means I have been driving it for a year as electric.  I looked at the mileage and I am just shy of 5000 electric miles.

I wasn't sure what to expect for the safety inspection.  I explain that it is electric so there is no emissions test and that I would like to show whoever is going to operate the truck for the inspection how to start it, and also to tell them if and how to shift.  The inspection people didn't seem fazed by this and they let me drive it for the driving/braking test.  So they didn't even really need to drive it.  Some of the conversation was a little funny though:

Inspector: So this is all electric?
Me: Yes
You did this yourself?
Me and some friends, yes.
What kind of mileage does it get now?
Me: momentary blank stare ... umm, its electric, there is no gasoline mileage
Oh, yeah I guess that makes sense.

Later, during the inspection, there is a step to inspect the fuel filler cap.

Inspector: can you open the fuel filler door?
Me: there is not fuel filler
Well, I need to inspect it
Me: Okay (opens the fuel filler door)
Inspector: Oh.


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