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An electric kart will be used for development and testing of the proposed motor controller, and possibly other components depending on feasibility.

EV Kart

The major components of the kart are as follows:

Motor: D&D ES-22-2 (6hp continuous HP at 48v)

Controller: Orginal Alltrax 4834 (burned up after a approx a hundred hours of service) New     Alltrax 7245

Batteries: 4 Optima Blue Top 34M 50AmpHr

Motor Cables: 000 Welding Cable

Chargers: Vector VEC1093A Smart Charger (typically used at 10A, but have used 40A for quick charge)

Frame: Custom made of 1 1/2" square steel tubing


  • Run time is between 10-20 minutes depending on how often the accelerator is used

  • Top speed is 55 mph on level ground, 67 downhill (big hill)

  • Weight ~300lbs, 180 being the batteries

  • Current to the motor  ~700 Amps

  • Full Charge in 40min, 20m/battery using 2 chargers.

EV Kart Motor/Controller


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