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As of today I have logged 1526 miles of almost daily service.  My weekday round trip commute is about 12 miles and I usually put 20-30 miles each on Saturday and Sunday.  I have used a total of 4350 Ah, which at 141V (nominal) is about 613 kWh.  If I derate assuming a charging efficiency of 90% then that is about 680 kWh from the wall.  At 13 cents/kWh that comes to about $90 of electricity to go 1526 miles.

Driving the truck that same distance using gasoline would be about 76 gallons (at 20 mpg), which at $3.25/gal comes to $248.  Even if I had been driving the Smart Car I would have used about half as much gasoline so about $125 (however Smart Car requires premium gasoline so cost per gallon would be higher).

However, as I have mentioned in the past, this project is not about saving money because the overall cost of the electric conversion far outweighs any savings I will see in gasoline.  Instead I am just happy that this project worked out as well as it did.  And it is really nice to not have to stop and buy gasoline very often.


The truck is quite usable as a city car.  I have also used it to haul stuff from Home Depot and haul bicycles to a ride start.  So it retains its function as a truck.  I also don't have any problem driving on the local freeways although I usually stick to the right lane and most of the time don't go over 60 mph just to reduce electric usage.

I do have one problem hill and that is a hill I have to climb when I leave my work place.  It is a steep hill on 360 and I start out at the bottom.  Cars on that road are traveling at highway speed already, so you have to accelerate up a steep hill from 0 mph to 60 mph.  I am not really able to do that so I stay on the shoulder about half way up the hill before I am going fast enough to merge.

I am also having a problem with my motor brushes not seating well (see earlier post).  At some point I am going to have to take the truck out of commission for about a week while I reseat the motor brushes and run them in.

Todo List

There are a number of small items that I did not complete before I started driving the truck that still need to be done:

  • reseat motor brushes
  • connect electric heater (some days it is a little cold without the heater)
  • connect tachometer
  • install motor temperature sensor
  • connect crash sensor

Overall I am very happy with it and I look forward to continuing to drive it through 2012.  Perhaps in 2012 I may upgrade the motor controller which should give me more power.


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