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I originally posted the links below to various threads on diy electric.  The posts themselves tell the story and needed no further comment from me.  However, it appears that these posts have now been taken down, likely for litigation reasons.

So I will summarize.  These are the facts as far as I know.

I ordered batteries, a battery management system, and charger from EV Components in February. I prepaid my order.  It appeared this was a reliable business based on what information I could gather from looking around various EV sites.  In April there was a dispute between owners and employees.  The remaining owner, James Morrison, took it upon himself to decide that he was going to liquidate the business without benefit of an actual bankruptcy.  It appears, and I hope this is proven wrong, that he decided to resell the batteries and equipment that had already been paid for by customers.  I am now one of the victims and it appears I have company of 30 or 40 others.

I really wish you could just read the threads because the posts by James Morrison really have to be read to be believed.

Anyway, in summary, I suggest that you be extremely careful about making any purchase from James Morrison or EV Components.  Anything you buy from them has likely already been prepaid by someone else and they may come looking for you in court.

There was another battery vendor, and I will not print the name here (it was not Elite Power), who suddenly has a lot of Thundersky cells in stock.  He made some posts in some of the threads too and some other forum members found circumstantial evidence that he purchased the stolen cells from James Morrison.  For some reason he never refuted this accusation while continuing to participate in the discussion.

The point is, if you are buying Thundersky cells, or anything else that EVC sold, make sure your vendor did not get it from James Morrison/EV Components.  If so then it is likely stolen merchandise and someone may come looking for it.  Note that Thundersky cells have serial numbers.

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Posted on Sun 02 November 2014

Be sure you avoid any business related to James Morrison or Dave Kois. One of those is called "Current EV Tech"

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