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When I started this project I wanted to know how the weight of the truck would change.  I was also hoping to change the weight distribution a little since the back end of the truck seemed light to me.  We weighed the truck before removing the ICE (internal combustion engine) and after, and just recently weighed it again with all the electrics installed.  Here are the results:

/ Front Left Front Right Rear Left Rear Right Total F/R
ICE 902 834 650 638 3024 57/43
Removed 606 524 565 648 2443*
Electric 819 841 765 808 3233 51/49

Note: Total includes 100 lbs for transmission which was not in the vehicle when "Removed" measurement was made.


The truck is now about 209 pounds heavier than it was with the ICE. When we weighed it with the ICE it included 2 gallons of gasoline so it would be a little heavier with a full tank.  I was guessing the electric conversion would be about 100 pounds heavier, so I was off about 100 pounds. I suppose that is okay.

The front/rear weight distribution has improved a lot.  You can see it is now almost perfectly balanced where before it was front heavy.  I don't know how this will affect vehicle handling but I am hoping it improves the rear braking because it was really easy to lock up the rear wheels before.


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