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Over the past several weeks I have been ordering a lot of stuff.  In this recent round of orders I have had this experience three times.  I place the order from the web site.  I get an automated acknowledgement.  And then ... nothing, silence.  Maybe my card is charged or money removed from my paypal account, but no communication on my order.  Since this happened to me three times, and I eventually did receive my order in all cases, I don't want to single out any particular EV parts supplier because I still think they are not bad businesses.  But suppliers, please, communicate with me.  If it is going to take time for you to receive parts from your supplier, let me know.  If you are drop shipping from somewhere and it is not within a day or two, let me know.  Maybe I am being unreasonable but in this day of amazon, etc., I expect to know pretty much right away what is happening with my order.  I am not asking for daily updates or anything like that. I would just like an estimate of when my order will ship, within at most 1-2 days of when I place my order.

Since we work on my truck once per week, I need an idea about when I will receiving parts so I can plan the work.

Oh, and if you have a contact email on your web site, when I email you to ask for the status of my order.  Please don't ignore it because that is frustrating too and then I am just going to start calling you.


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